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Our Story

He then gave me the name; "You will call it the "Bride of Christ Robes Collection"...

Initially Bride of Christ Robes got its start in 1998 while working in my small manufacturing business “Signature Wedding” (where we made bridal gowns). Actually, I was walking down the hallway between the sewing area and cutting area when I heard the voice of the Lord say to me! “You’ve been dressing the brides of this world long enough now it’s time to dress my Bride.” He then gave me the name; "You will call it the “Bride of Christ Robes Collection”.

After much time and hesitation, I finally submitted to God’s call and said if you show me how I will do it. Since I am not in the ministry (other than our call to evangelize), I had no idea of the needs or clothing concerns of the women God had called to carry His Word. So reluctantly, I began researching fabric, linings, Design/styles etc. all under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Today the Bride of Christ Collection presents over 24 different styles of robes for women in the ministry and more are being added regularly. Whenever we have an opportunity to display our robes at Christian Conferences; and the women of God remark as to their beauty in color and design and how much they love all of them! I respond “I know because your Father designed them just for you.

I have been in the design and manufacturing business for over 34 years, designing High Fashion Garments; Dance Costumes, Entertainers Outfits Wedding Gowns, etc. In 2006, God closed the door on all other areas of business, requiring that I focus all of our attention and expertise on His Bride.

We pray over each garment and for: each Apostle, Bishop, Pastor, Evangelist and every Women of God that has been called into ministry. We pray that God would anoint her with a special anointing as she enters into His love and service.

Tina Scott



J. Dulkin

“I wanted to express my gratitude for your beautiful work. It is *so* difficult to find pulpit robes that are feminine, flattering, and actually feel luxurious, and you truly have a gift!”

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