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Please use our contact form if your question
does not appear and we will be sure to 
respond within 1 to 3 business days, if not sooner!


What is your store policy concerning returns?

​Your robe is custom designed, cut, and crafted to your specific measurements. We'll do everything possible within our control to ensure the robe meets your expectations.


What if my robe is delivered too small?  Too big?
Each customers uses the Brides of Christ Robes Profile Form to capture measurements. We also share our measurement best practices to capture exact numbers used to determine a good fit. Please do not change any numbers from your actual body measurements (we add ease).


I'm only 4'11" can I wear robes like the Orpah and the Eunice with pleats?

Absolutely since our robes are made to measurement your pleats will be adjusted according to your height.


Are there any extra charges for plus size and tall garments?

Garments that are over sized and extra length may incur an extra change for the additional fabric that may be required. Additional charges are discussed prior to final cost estimates.

"Your robes are designed to meet the need of women to be tasteful yet beautiful. Your robes make the statement that yes I am a preacher but I am happy being a woman."



"I actually prayed and asked God to direct me when deciding on purchasing a robe. Bride of Christ website came up and when I call the number Ms. Tina answered and her warmness caused me to want her to design my robe." - Nina



Do you have a showroom with all of the samples and any

additional designs thatare not shown on the website, and
also where I can be measured.

Yes. We invite you to visit us at our showroom located at 570 Benson Street, Camden, NJ 08103, Monday-Friday 10a-5p.



What is the correct length of a Clergy Vestment (robe)?

The appropriate length for a ministering garment is to cover the ankle bone.  This is not a formal evening gown (floor length) it is a HOLY GARMENT and should never touch the floor.


What styles do you recommend for plus size women?

Because our robes are made to measurement  any of our a-line; princess: modified princess or 2pc preaching suits look well.


What fabrics do you use in the construction of your robes?

Most of our robes are made of quality medium weight crepe and a
lightweight poplin. You may request a sample of our actual fabric and color that we would be using on the robe style of your choice by providing us with a stamped self addressed envelope to Bride of Christ Robes, 570 Benson Street, Camden, NJ 08103.



Can additional jeweled buttons be purchased and at what cost?

The cost of these buttons are $12. The jeweled button used at the neckline of our robes are button-clips and are detachable. (Remember to remove before sending to your cleaners)



There is a particular robe that I love but I don't care for the sleeve,

and I would like the belt that is on yet another robe, are these
changes possible?

In most cases additions that are shown on one robe (ex; back belts: yokes: sleeve change etc.) can be added for an additional charge.


Are these robes lined?

Yes, all of our robes are lined. We use a cotton-base pongee line which is very cool next to your skin.


Is it possible to get a robe in a color that is not listed?

We would be willing to research the availability of the color in the
appropriate fabric.


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