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Our Policy

Your robe is custom designed, cut, and crafted to your specific measurements. We'll do everything within our control to ensure the robe meets your expectations.  See our deposit policy. We offer a free 30 day quality check program to resolve any garment defects and quality concerns.  Measurements and other preferences are agreed prior to creating your custom robe.

100% Satisfaction and Fairness

Delivery Time

Receive your custom robe within 6 weeks. A "rush order" is available per request, additional fees do apply, please inquire further at the time of consult.



Flexible Payment Options
Yes, we accept a deposit. A 50% deposit is required to start the robe creation process. The robe balance is due prior to shipping your robe. We except all major Credit Cards, Certified or Personal Checks and Money Orders.


Delivery Service

Flat Rate Shipping now available. This will be added to your total bill at the time of checkout. Additional item prices range per your specifications and will also be added at the time of checkout. 


We choose UPS to ship your robe based on their longevity, track record, reasonable cost and delivery policy for customers. The exact robe delivery date is based on UPS policies and not Brides of Christ Robes. UPS is fully responsible for the safe and secure delivery of your robe after it is placed in their care.

Upon request, a tracking number may be provided for you to track your order.



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