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Measurement Tips

STEP #1: READ the Measurement Tips provided.

Measurement Tips


Measurements are the most challenging part of customizing robes.
We understand not all women's bodies are shapped exactly the same.


  • Don't try to measure yourself.  Ask someone else to help such as friends, family, or cleaner's seamstress.

  • Stand very straight and relaxed when you are being measured. Shoulders back, head up and feet straight.

  • Measure in light weight clothing.

  • Keep the measuring tape relaxed during measurement.

  • Measure the fullest part of the bust, waist, hip and upper arm areas.

  • Don't add any ease to the measurements, our program does this for you.

  • Don't mistake your bra size with your bust measurement (bra size is always smaller).

  • Don't add the height of your shoes to the robe length. Robes are not evening gowns. The length is just to cover the ankle bone.

  • Don't add any additional inches to the body measurements as we ask for exact numbers. Our system already allows for ease. 

  • Don't decrease any number (for example, going to loose weight by the time robe will be worn). It may throw you into another dress size.


Our system provides for an EASE based on the numbers provided to us. The smaller the size bust, waist and hips the less the ease, the larger the bust waist and hips the larger the amount of ease. We double check measurements during cutting, sewing and final pressing. In the event we see an error we'll reach out to you before we start cutting fabric.

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