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Our Design Process

Custom Robe Design, Fabric Quality, Valueable Equipment & Tools

Our Robe Design Process

According to the customers measurement we adjust our pattern to fit that
individual either by adding inches or reducing inches; lengthening or shortening.


Basic fabric is chosen according to specification sheet; accent fabric is chosen
according to specification sheet.


Fabric and lining are laid up for cutting; pattern is laid up and marked for
adjustments; double checked usually by another individual.


Robe along with two copies of the customers measurement sheet are placed in
clear plastic bags and taken to the sewing department along with one copy
of the specification sheet. (one bag has the body of the robe the second bag
has the accent pieces (ie: collar; cuffs; pleats; lining etc.). 


Sewer sews the garment. Sometimes two seamstress are involved in the construction
one preps the other is responsible to total construction. The finisher checks robe for
quality measures robe finishes (buttons etc.) presses prepares for shipment.

Robe Fabric Quality

The fabric we use in the body of the majority of our robes is Vita-crepe. 
It's medium weight for comfort; very little little wrinkle to this fabric;
travels well; it's a breathable fabric allowing the body to cool naturally. 
The lining is a cotton-base pongee the coolest most comfortable fabric
next to your skin.


Most of our brocades are ecclesiastical traditional clergy brocades made of quality fabrics
mostly from Italy. Our rhinestones, tassels embroidery jeweled buttons zippers are of the finest quality.

Our seams are double stitched in all stress areas. Hems are straight stitched to eliminate the fear of heel snags.

Our Valuable Equipment and Tools

All of our equipment is commercial quality. We select the best products based on our years of experiencing designing, cutting and sewing garments. The following is a small list of items we use every day to make your robe look great and last for years: Juki straight sewing machine, 3-5 thread serers, high quality Rowenta generator Iron/press units, 12" heavy duty tailoring scissors; professionally graded patterns. Each garment comes with a 72" breathable garment bag in a choice of colors.

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