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Robe Care

Care for Your Robes


Do not excessively dry clean your robes. Dry cleaning chemicals break down the fibers and life of your robe.

Use a wet face cloth, with bar or liquid soap gently in  circular motions scrub soiled area, rinse cloth thoroughly with cool water and remove all soap from garment.

Darker colored robes need not be cleaned more than 2-3 times annually, hang (preferably outdoors) in a place to dry and spray odor retaining areas with a Febreeze-like product.

Ask your cleaners not to use excessive steam on brocade since this causes the fabric to shrink.

Do not leave damp garments in plastic garment bags - allow to air dry naturally. Clean make-up immediately with bar soap and warm water (place clean towel underside of soiled area).


Use a large white men's handkerchief around your neck-area to catch any make-up and oils from hair cremes before it has a chance to soil your garment. Place collar of robe slightly  over handkerchief.

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