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Custom Fit Robes
Robe designs specific to your measurements
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

(Women's Classic, Exquisite and Premiere Ministry Attire and Accessories)

FLAT RATE on all

Shipping &
Handling now
on all robes!

Our Collections

Something to fit your every divine experience...

Bride of Christ Robes are uniquely designed, cut, and crafted to your specific measurements, giving you the ability to interceed and fulfill your assignment with assurance, comfort and His grace.

Your robe is custom designed, cut, and crafted to your specific measurements.
We'll do everything within our control to ensure the robe meets your expectations.  See our deposit policy.
We offer a free 30 day quality check program to resolve any garment defects & quality concerns. Measurements and other preferences are agreed prior to creating your custom robe.

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