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Your robe is custom designed, cut, and crafted to your specific measurements.
We'll do everything within our control to ensure the robe meets your expectations.  See our deposit policy.
We offer a free 30 day quality check program to resolve any garment defects & quality concerns. Measurements and other preferences are agreed prior to creating your custom robe.

Custom fit robes
Robe Designs specific to your measurements
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

(Classic, Signature, and Premiere Ministerial Robe Collections & more)



& Customized
just for you!

100% Satisfaction and Fairness


At BOCR we only make a few and yes ...

We now offer *Free financing through
Bill Me Later via Paypal.


*Please read all term and conditions as outline
by Bill Me Later via Paypal.

Image submissions from
Apostle Ophelia Mims
in her glory!


Thanks to  Eva Melton for providing these beautiful images in her Bride of Christ Robe!


To God Be the Glory!



So thankful to Carmen Avery Walker for her mention on Facebook:

"Tina Scott (Bride Of Christ Robes) for making a Preacher look
like one of Gods Precious Jewels!"


Check her on online anytime!!

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